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ClickFunnels For Musicians and Businesses

Clickfunnels is an online deals channel developer that enables organizations to market, offer, and convey their items on the web. The website rearranges web-based showcasing, offering, and conveyance of their items and administrations by giving clients various sales...

What Can You Expect

It's hard to do branding, if you haven't already started a website with solid portfolio. So here we are, letting you know what this website will be all about. There will be a lot of tech and musical news. A whole lot! However, we will also post incredible stories of...

Sponka Is Trending

We're currently working on branding and can already say that Sponka TV is getting some traction. We will start posting news as soon as we get our neccessary things in order. If you write, make sure to contact us for a chance to work for us.