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Iron Maiden, as part of a tour of the Legacy of the Beast tour, has shown energy that will surely bring them to at least the heart of their career. After about two years, they visited Trieste again and brought in about ten thousand people in an idyllic square right by the sea in rocker-metal delirium.

When Iron Maiden released a Legacy of the Beast video last year, the first part of the tour, which included 38 concerts, was announced at the same time. But now, after nearly two years, they again stopped at Piazza Unità d’Italia in Trieste.

At least ten thousand people filled the idyllic market just off the seashore, because afternoon stormy clouds showed their teeth slightly, it was also a rosy, but then after six hours it was still mostly clarified and there was no problem that everything was ready for the evening rocker-metal spectacle.

After the afternoon hours of The Raven Age, Rhapsody of Fire and Tremonti, after the afternoon hours, there was a time when many thought that he had “fear in the dark”, as one of their songs says, although most people definitely knew exactly, on what and after what she came.

This tour is like their “best of” choice, but soon after 9 pm, an introduction was introduced to the Churchill speech, which debuted the beginning of the song Aces High. The anthem of the heroes of the Second World War was accompanied by a magnificent replica of Spitfire, which was dropped directly over the members of the group led by an incredibly fit singer, 59-year-old Bruce Dickinson, who immediately created a magnificent scene with a luxurious light park. They continued with Where Eagles Dare and hit 2 Minutes to Midnight from the Powerslave album.

The Clansman and The Trooper was next, where Bruce waved on the British flag (later he replaced it with the Italian one), and on the stage he was joined by their giant mascot Eddie, with whom they performed a swordsman’s duel. Dickinson managed to master, as he used to practice the match, sometimes with a big sword, he also grieved other members of the band and took some humorous moments.