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We talked to Jaka Bostjancic and here is a short interview we did with him. Most of you also know him as NGHTBLD, a music producer from Slovenia who worked with some of the most prominent artists & producers on the planet.

If we had to describe Jaka, we’d say he’s a pretty humble guy and open for business proposals, we had no trouble getting in contact with him as he has all contacts listed on his Instagram profile.

Before we start talking about your music, who do you personally listen to?

To be honest, the only time I listen to music during the day is in the car when I’m driving to my office. Even though music is relaxing, I found it hard to focus if I listen to it while working. And, since I spend most of my time making music, I can’t be listening to other music in the background (laugh). So, I mostly listen to songs that play on the national radio, but also other upcoming trap artists when I have some free time.

What’s the point of making music?

The most important part for me is having fun. I recently cast a poll on my Instagram page and asked my audience who has it harder; music producers or rappers/singers. The comment section blew up and we couldn’t come to an agreement. But the thing that saddened me was their mindset. If we talk about how hard it is to make music, why do we even do it then? For money? That sure shouldn’t be the only reason.

So instead of debating who has it harder, we should talk about who has more fun doing it. That should be the main goal of every artists.

Which gender is your audience made of, mostly men or women?

Definitely men. There are some girl rappers & producers, but the majority of artists, at least the ones who follow me, are men.

Who motivated you to start making music & start selling it online?

One amazing producer by the name of SuperStarO. I watched a few of his vlogs on Youtube and before you know it, I was convinced that this industry is perfect for me. Being my own boss, doing the things I love, hearing my songs on the radio? Nothing’s better than that!

What’s your plan for the future?

My plan is to expand and reach more people with my music and even to change more lifes with it. In the future I want to help out more upcoming producers & artists who are struggling to get the attention they deserve. The music scene is big enough for all of us and we need to help each other out.