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We have spoken with the internet music producer Jaka Bostjancic, also known as NGHTBLD, and he told us some interesting facts about music industry & what really happens behind the scenes.

Music changes. What’s popular on the radio today might be completely forgotten in 3 years, not so much because of hundreds of new songs that come out daily, but because today’s hits will sooner or later be outdated. How does a music producer handle that & what’s the best way to handle money side of the music industry?

“The only way is to keep moving forward, don’t let past achievements make you become lazy and forget you need to keep working. I know people who “made it”, at least that’s what it looked like when they got a few platinum records under their belt, then they got lazy. Now they’re almost back at their 9-5 jobs and this doesn’t happen as rarely as you might think.”

Now for readers who aren’t exactly aware of royalties and other similar terms, can you please explain how a 21th Century producers make a living off music?

“We really have just 2 solid ways to make huge bucks and those are royalties (back-end money) and beat sales (front-end money). Let’s say you know a famous rapper and you want to make a hit record with him. You know that when he releases a song, it gets viral and a lot of people buy it on streaming platforms. Now, it doesn’t make sense for you to charge him $500 for the beat, like you would for an upcoming artist, instead you focus on royalties. This is the money you will get from sales, shows and streaming. Best part, as long as the song is popular, you will be getting money. With beat sales, you only get money upfront.”

Jaka is also active on his Instagram profile and he posts new music often. Tell us, Jaka, how long did it take you to grow your audience and what tips do you have for music producers new on the scene?

“Took me around 5 years to reach 25k followers on Instagram. It mainly consists of some close friends, music producers and singers/rappers. I built a few really solid relationships with known people in the industry who continue to help me out and become the best version of myself.

I think new producers should focus on their branding first and foremost. Think about your long term goals, what are you trying to achieve and then build a narrative around it. Tell your story through social media (make sure to have high quality posts) and fall in love with your audience. Because when you fall in love with your fans, they fall in love with you.”

It sure doesn’t seem like a hard work when you first look at it; making music might be hard but then you just upload beats on the interwebs and fans will buy it, right? Not at all!

The beat selling space is more competitive then ever and it takes a real hard-working person to achieve success and make a living off it. From what Jaka told us off the record, even if you have a solid portfolio of music, it doesn’t guarantee sales. He said branding is more important then it ever was and that even bad beats can sell if made by a famous producer.