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About Us
Find out all about us.
Who We Are
Like you probably know, we are a TV. But not your typical TV. We connect Internet with classical TV and that results in Internet TV. It’s not really a new concept per se, but companies who are doing it, are doing it all wrong. We’re different.
Why Choose Us
Give us a chance and you’ll make no mistake. You will be entertained for hours and hours and learn something new too.
What we do
We currate all the best news online and present only the ones worth sharing. Trending posts are our specialty.

Meet the writers

We have a team of dedicated writers and currators. Big props to them.
Maya, Luka and Tory

Our Photographers

As you have noticed, we post a lot of awesome photos. That’s only because our photographers put the effort in on a daily basis.

Anna K.

Anna K.

Photographer #1

Selena G.

Selena G.

Photographer #2

Tony S.

Tony S.


Social Media Followers

Happy Readers (so far)


Team Members

Our History

Our team was previously employed by a company you’ve probably hear about.

Of course, we can’t mention it, but it’s huge.

Team with a lot of experience

Working in that company gave us such a huge ammount of knowledge and skills so we were able to start working on our own projects.

Talented Photographers

We are lucky to have two awesome photographers and one editor on our team.

They all make the whole website look more professional, as well as keep our readers happy.