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In the article below, it is a showcase of the best music videos in 2018. While many people’s preferences lie on the tastes and subjective choices that are perceived all through the music, the main ideas are the personal and cultural experiences that the music portrays.

Childish Gambino – This is America

is one of the best music videos in 2018 that features a shirtless Donald who is pictured to be moving up and down in a warehouse. Indeed, it seems vivid that this music video was beyond average because, in not more than a minute, Gambino has already shot a friendly person and the gun taken away. This music video is beyond extremes, from depictions of a choir being gunned down to children dancing with joy, portrayals that shows how the society has endured living with destruction and death in the midst of their daily lives. And so, Gambino shows us the true nature of our society and how we are often being disctracted from the real problems.

Another best music video in 2018 is

Drake – Nice for What

which depicts his true nature of how is not entirely behind the women’s rights. However, after getting the true sense of these rights, this is where the °Nice for What” music comes from, a song that disregards the face of the challenges that women encounters every day, especially on how men treat them. With the video featuring women of color, it is clear that even for the rest of the women, the society treats them in the same wrong way.

Janelle Monae – PYNK

is another best music video in 2018 that incorporates all the past great designs — pink color resurgence, velvet, and aesthetics — in creating a fantastic and a lush realization of the future mission of Janelle. The essence of the whole music is vivid even though it is a tongue-in-cheek comprising some words like 517pussy power’ and al7 sex cells.’

Nevertheless, the main point with this music is that women here are portrayed e rulers of the world, an aspect that somewhat motivates women in specific instances.

Drake – God’s Plan

is another best music video in 2018 that was directed by Karena Evans, and it’s an interpretation of a “plan of God” that has been made real via visuals, featuring a certain amount of donated cash amounting to $996,631.90. This video also shows certain acts of kindness that occurred around the area of Miami. Some of these acts include shopping sprees, offering women money for shelters, tuition money, as well as some free groceries. Thus, the video attempts to portray how the °plan of God” has aided some charitable actions to help the society. In spite of it lacking inspiration, at least one cannot ignore the message therein behind the feeling of acting right to others.

All in all, the b.t music videos will continue existing, yet; the ones with the critical message will survive.